Performance Coaching

Artur has been passionate about fitness, wellness and performance for more than two decades. His passion for movement and performance began when he started training martial arts at the age of 8.

Having worked with A-List Celebrities, Billionaires and Models, Artur understands the subtleties and demands of busy high-performance lifestyles. 

Artur currently works with 5 Hertford Street, considered to be London’s most influential private members club. He works with his clients to create strong, resilient bodies and minds.

Specialising in Luxury Brands

Apart from being a Performance Coach, Artur specialises in working with luxury hospitality brands advising them in all areas of wellness and fitness – from being a coach in residence, connecting luxury hotels with the most sought-after experts in the industry to organising retreats, giving specialist talks and helping to implement wellness-strategies.


His own personal regimes have allowed him to pursue a successful career as a commercial and fitness model, with appearances in publications including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and more.

His career has allowed him to live in more than 16 countries and work with people with different cultural backgrounds.

Mens Fitness - Cover Model Workout Trainer


Artur has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Apart from running his wellness business, he’s also the Co-founder and CEO of ZOOPSCOOP.

Start improving your fitness and wellness today.