An introduction to Artur Zolkiewicz

Mostly fitness, health and nutrition. I’ll write about other things too, but fitness and healthy living will always remain my main focus.

I’m passionate about what I do. However my passion won’t compromise the accuracy of my research. I will do my best to provide you with the most up-to-date information whatever my topic.

Now and then you might come across some broscience. Because it’s awesome and because proper science is well behind broscience. At least, thats what I’ve heard. Ok, maybe not but it’s definitely more fun. You can expect workout plans, diet advice, recipes, health and fitness news, training tips, product reviews and much more.

This isn’t my first foray into writing – I write a blog and a fitness column for an Austrian magazine. I also occasionally write for another lifestyle magazine, mainly about fitness. However, as much as I’m used to writing, I’m not used to writing in English. So if you stumble over things that are maybe technically correct, but you wouldn’t say it the way I have written it – don’t worry, that’s me sucking at English because English isn’t my mother tongue. “It’s technically not wrong but no one would say it the way you just did” says my girlfriend. And she’s right.

So to some up, expect lots of interesting information with some occasional weird sounding English.

Who am I?

I’m a London based personal trainer. I work at the Workshop Gymnasium located at the prestigious Bulgari Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge. Our clients are so cool that I can’t even tell you who they are. So you need to trust me on that one.

I do train clients outside of Workshop, so if you’re based in London and need a PT – get in touch and I’m sure we can do something about it. I also offer online coaching so you can contact me even if you’re not in London.

I’m also part of Ania Lewandowska’s ‘Healthy Team’ and work with her in Poland. She’s an awesome motivator and has a great wealth of knowledge about nutrition and training, so I’m very lucky to be part of her team. We have some big #takeovertheworldoffitness plans so stay tuned as there will be lots of awesome stuff happening.

I also work as a model, journalist and karate coach. I have quite good abs, love lifting heavy weights and follow ridiculously strict diet. My girlfriend (you will read about her a lot because she’s cool and I love her) tries (successfully) to sneak in some carbs in my meals. So my diet isn’t as strict as I’d love to think. I still know how to shred down and get ready for a Men’s Fitness magazine cover.

However, shredding down won’t be the main focus of my blog. Perhaps you want to lose lots of weight or you want to shed the last few pounds and get to the dark side of being under 8% body fat? Maybe you want to just know more about healthy living or you simply are looking for new ways to train? Are you looking for healthy meal inspiration? If one of these sounds familiar, you’ll most probably find some useful information here.

Back to me: I’m Polish but I lived in Austria for around a third of my life. A friend asked me a couple of weeks ago if Poland and Austria were the same country a bit like Wales and England… Seriously. So if you’re uncertain: they are not the same country. Not even close. You see – I got sidetracked. That might happen sometimes.

I graduated from University of Vienna with a masters degree in Mass Media and Communication Science. Sport has always played a huge role in my life – I started training traditional karate when I was eight years old. I still continue to train karate and mix it up with boxing and BJJ trainings. I complement my martial arts training with weightlifting as well as plenty of mobility and flexibility work. Basically I just really love to move.

I move because I love the endorphins it releases in my brain and the quality of life I believe moving gives me. I love inspiring people to move and help them to achieve their fitness and health goals. I strongly believe that moving makes us better in so many ways, bringing us closer to what we were actually made for. That was one of the main reasons why I decided to work in the fitness industry. Starting this blog is a natural progression: I love writing and I love anything movement related. I also like to challenge myself. And writing in my third language surely is a challenge.
So welcome to my blog! Feel free to contact me with any suggestions and questions, comment on my posts, share them on social media and tell your friends about it. I look forward to sharing some great stuff with you all!